ER services and programs

Hospital Emergency Care
Hospital Emergency Care
  • 24/7 365 days full-service medical care
  • On-site radiology and imaging
  • Expert emergency staff and board-certified physicians specializing in critical illness and dedicated certified emergency nurses
  • On-call specialists, including neurologists, cardiologists and surgeons
Intensive Critical Unit (ICU)
Intensive Critical Unit (ICU)
  • Comprehensive care for complex cardiac diseases, pulmonary, renal, neurovascular, endocrine and orthopedic issues, and post-surgical care
  • 7-bed ICU with a negative pressure/isolation room for patient safety
  • Experienced board-certified intensive care physicians and nurses
  • Hemodynamic, respiratory and cardiac monitoring and ventilators
Diagnostic imaging
Diagnostic imaging
  • State-of-the-art technology and experienced radiologists and technicians
  • CT scan, diagnostic radiology, EKG, endoscopy suite, holter monitor test, mammography, nuclear medicine and ultrasound
  • CLIA certified full-service laboratory: hematology, chemistry, urinalysis and serology services
Medical/Surgical Telemetry Unit
  • 91-bed medical/surgical telemetry unit includes comfortable private and semi-private rooms.
  • Extensive monitoring following a critical condition, surgery or an ICU release
  • Experienced surgical telemetry team dedicated to effectively managing acute care needs and lowering the risk of complications