We envision a sustainable scientific working environment immersed within a teaching institution interconnected to our communities. Our organizational design fosters a holistic approach to clinical research execution, which allows us to offer investigational products designed to adapt to challenging times and ongoing needs. We strive to systematically engage with community-based groups to provide patients with cutting-edge medical treatments in the pharmaceutical marketplace. 


As a progressive, leading research and teaching institution, we recognize that the future of academic research and industry clinical trials execution demands a paradigm shift. To uphold our mission, we remain attentive to the global challenges of discovering and developing viable solutions for our communities’ most critical medical needs.  

We believe in well-informed scientific and medical discovery breakthroughs. We deploy and execute cutting-edge medical treatments designed to provide alternative solutions that are effective in curing diseases and saving lives on a global scale.

Our core objectives

Maintaining our position as a leading multidisciplinary research and investigational center, prioritizing the creation and execution of clinical trials that respond to the most urgent medical needs

Upholding a cultural commitment to strategic planning that supports clinical research and Keralty Hospitals’ professional teaching process for family medicine physicians

Ethical and Philosophical Principles 

Clinical research has become synonymous with drug research with special emphasis on clinical trials––literally all types of research involving human participants. At Keralty Research Center, our core ethical and philosophical principles clearly outline whether one clinical trial intervention is better than another, and if it offers greater clinical benefit and fewer risks. This premise is what guides our continued commitment to strategic planning and assessment, including review of clinical trial protocol intervention procedures. 

The goal of our institutional ethical analysis related to clinical research execution is to provide an answer that every clinical trial poses in relation to their net risks and benefits: absolute, relative, and indirect. We recognize that ethical clinical research entails social value, which must be led through the generation of knowledge that can provide substantial improvements in patient health. Without social value, we believe that clinical research exposes participants to risks for no valid reason and misuses vital resources. Within this context, we believe in the protection of rights, safety, and the wellbeing of our research participants.